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Nickelodeon ([email protected]) December 1994 Commercial Breaks

Credit to LoveForLogos On Dailymotion. These Breaks Aired During The Dick Van Dyke Show, Get Smart, Dragnet 1970.

2018-08-07 59:47 2,029 YouTube

24th December 2001 (Christmas Eve)

This doesn't belong to me. Property of ITV. I make nothing from this. It's only for entertainment purposes. My other channel.

2017-10-11 22:47 5,882 YouTube

Nick Jr. Jungle Boogie: Eating

This specific segment is the only that's in high quality on youtube. This was recorded off air on Wednesday, February 23, 2000. This isn't from my tapes, this was ...

2016-10-27 00:42 28,834 YouTube

ROCK, RHYTHM AND DOO WOP | December 2016 | PBS

Join Frankie Valli, Little Richard, Little Anthony & The Imperials and more for a legendary reunion. Airing December 2016 on most PBS stations (check your local ...

2016-11-22 03:07 45,196 YouTube

Salma Hayek - Campari commercial

2010-12-12 00:31 433,576 YouTube

Nick At Nite Commercials (December 2001)

So there is lots of Nick at Nite on this tape, but its mostly Cheers and All In The Family. Personally I think its interesting to see what the late night hour...

2017-12-05 36:54 243 Dailymotion

Nickelodeon Commercials (December 2001)

This is a re-upload of a video from April 16, 2017....

2017-12-05 15:57 159 Dailymotion

(December 6, 2001) KDKA-TV 2 CBS Pittsburgh Commercials

Here are some commercials that aired during an episode of The Price is Right & part of KDKA 2 News at Noon!...

2019-02-05 19:09 69 Dailymotion

(December 15, 2001) WDCA-TV UPN 20-now-Fox 5 Plus Washington, D.C. Commercials

Here are some WDCA commercials that aired during the UPN 20 Weekend Cinema presentation of "Fargo"1. This film has been modified....2. MGM Domestic Television D...

2018-02-08 27:04 97 Dailymotion

(December 30, 2001) KCVU-TV Fox 30 Paradise/Chico/Redding Commercials

Video footage courtesy of everyone at archive.org...

2018-01-22 42:10 17 Dailymotion