Nick Jr.'s Little Bear-a-Thon Commercial Break - 9/20/1999 (pt. 3)

2018-11-18 832 Dailymotion

This is the third of 4 parts to the commercial breaks from the Little Bear-a-Thon on Nick Jr. These were found on the "Little Bear Adventures" tape I purchased at the Salvation Army store a while back. Sorry for the crappy quality, made the best of what it was thanks to tracking controls. I had no idea this was going to be as big a score as I thought it'd be. Why? Watch the video, silly!

1. Little Bear credits (partial w/ Little Bear-a-Thon voiceover [v.1]}
2. Little Bear-a-Thon ID - You're Watching.... (v.1)
3. Face - Hat Day
4. Nick Jr. Show and Tell - A Girl and her Dog
5. Face - Popcorn
6. Disney channel ad - So Weird, Flubber, and Mighty Joe Young (no listings)
7. WB55/Fox Kids ad - Digimon
8. Fruit Roll-Ups Fruity Money Around the World ad
9. Tonka Motorized Trucks Police Hot Rod ad
10. Chuck E. Cheese's ad
11. The Phonics Game ad
12. Blue's Clues spot - What Could Blue Be Planning for You? (1st Clue)
13. Nick Jr. ID - Seals
14. Face - Bird Sounds

That's it for this part. Stay tuned for more coming soon!