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INS Ranvijay is a Rajput-class destroyer in active service with the Indian Navy. Ranvijay was commissioned on 21 December 1987 at Poti, in the then-Soviet Union. Service history The Indian Navy was a part of the joint forces exercises, Operation Parakram, during the 2001–02 India–Pakistan standoff. The operation included 26 naval cadets from various part of India under the command of Senior Cadet Captain Ajithkumar Nair from the Kerala and Lakshadweep Directorate. This was the only operation includes cadets in the history of Indian Defense. She has won the prestigious Cock Trophy in the annual Western Fleet whaler boat regatta held at the Naval Dockyard on 7 January 2006. Ranvijay participated in the multinational Malabar Naval Exercise between Australia, India, Singapore, Japan and United States in the Bay of Bengal. In July 2014 Ranjivay, accompanied by the stealth frigate Shivalik and fleet tanker Shakti took part in the INDRA War Games, a naval and army counter-terrorism exercise with Russia. Courtesy: INDIAN NAVY