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Trumpocrats: Democrats Breaking Away From Their Party

Kelsey Harkness on 2020 Democrats Shifting Further Left

Kelsey Harkness joined Fox & Friends on January 19, 2019, to discuss Democrat hopefuls for 2020 and how they've abandoned their moderate positions in ...

2019-01-22 03:26 161 YouTube

York: Republicans can't afford to walk away from health care

Fox New contributor weighs in on renewed efforts from President Trump.

2017-04-03 01:52 2,897 YouTube

Trump's Appeal to Elderly Voters Worries Democrats

A Democratic pollster at the Democratic National Convention says seniors are the most solidly in favor of Donald Trump of any age group. What's the Clinton ...

2016-07-29 03:59 1,083 YouTube

Watch Alabama Democrats split along racial lines

On Saturday Alabama Democrats' executive committee rejected about two dozen nominees, mostly white, from filling vacancies on the committee. The party's ...

2015-07-14 01:05 356 YouTube

Here Are The Many Ways Trump Scares The Crap Out Of Democrats

Democrats -- including Congressman Adam Schiff, Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Jerry Nadler -- explain all the ways Donald Trump frightens ...

2017-03-06 02:05 1,229 YouTube

PPP Senior leaders advised Asif Zardari to stay away from party politics & let Bilawal run party affairs

Watch More Videos on Breakingnewspak.com Read Latest News on Breakingnewspak.com Breaking News Pakistan is an online news agency that delivers every news about ...

2015-10-08 02:31 11 Dailymotion

Voters Love Obama's Ideas When They Think They're Trump’s

Republicans are pretty sure they don’t like President Obama’s policies, unless they they they’re coming from Donald Trump. There was an experiment where t...

2015-09-07 08:54 19 Dailymotion

Amazing Message - #Walkaway From Liberalism Campaign - Brandon Straka Kills It

Gay Conservative (Ex-Liberal) Brandon Straka Starts Powerful Anti-Left Movement #WalkAway-- When actor James Woods tweeted the hashtag “#WalkAway” in June, ...

2018-07-04 06:57 29 Dailymotion

Rivals for Brussels top job mark out territory live on Euronews

Rivals for the top job in Brussels went head-to-head live on TV for the first time on euronews on Monday night.The debate in Maastricht featured four main conte...

2014-04-29 03:41 975 Dailymotion

[Newsa] Why Democrats (probably) shouldn't worry about record Republican primary turnout

More Republicans have voted in the first several primaries than ever before , while turnout for Democrats has dropped far below what the party saw in 2008. Par...

2016-02-25 01:52 13 Dailymotion