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LGBT IN JAPAN - JAPANESE OPINIONS on lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender

What do Japanese think about LGBT (lebian, gay, bisexual, transgender) in Japan? Cathy asked students at the Bunka fashion college about their views on homosexuality, genderfluidity and more

2016-12-01 11:15 229,226 YouTube

Her Story - In My True Colors [1080p HD]

Koyuki Higashi is an LGBT activist. After coming out as a lesbian, she began working to build a society more welcoming of LGBT people. Koyuki discusses her own experiences as she tries to en

2016-11-23 20:01 62,613 YouTube

"Le jeune homme et la mort"

映画 DANCE WITH THE DEVIL 予告編 japanese film trailer Movies in minutes Cast Sera Rinka Kyoko Yoshizawa Hiroaki Miyakawa Yuki Takenaka キャスト 凜華せら 凛華せら...

2010-12-19 05:34 15,567 YouTube

Lesbian Scene_The Painter of the Wind 4

Moon Geun-young as Shin Yun-bok Moon Chae-won as Jung-hyang, a gisaeng.

2017-08-26 05:59 560,143 YouTube

Japan movie - 01

2017-11-22 01:02 2,099,404 YouTube

ビアンのStation (25) (Lesbian City 3: Royal Aisaki Hotel レズビアン ・ シティー Lesbian Japan) - Eng Sub

ビアンのStation (25) (Lesbian City 3: Royal Aisaki Hotel レズビアン ・ シティー Lesbian Japan) - Eng Sub...

2015-06-22 10:29 10,136 Dailymotion

Fighting Sexy Japanese Lesbian School Girls! Tea Bee Plays Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni - Ep 3!

Do you like tits? Do you like ass? Do you like boobs getting groped? Hells yes you do! And That's just what Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni delievers! Watch as Lesbia...

2016-12-21 35:38 506 Dailymotion

J-pop Cantantes japonesas (lesbian)/Japan Idol

J-pop Cantantes japonesas (lesbian)/Japan Idol...

2015-04-24 04:29 14,519 Dailymotion

Kakera 2010 Part 1 ( Japanese Lesbian Movie) Eng Sub


2016-01-06 05:50 3,884 Dailymotion

ビアンのStation ② (Female Prison--Lesbian Japan)--Eng Sub

ビアンのStation ② (Female Prison--Lesbian Japan)--Eng Sub...

2015-05-29 10:06 5,240 Dailymotion