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GOP Debate

Part 1 of the Fox News GOP presidential debate in Detroit

Candidates clash over conservative principles and personal attacks at the #GOPDebate.

2016-03-04 15:33 343,454 YouTube

Final Republican Presidential Debate Before Super Tuesday Among Most Contentious

Thursday's Republican debate was the most contentious thus far. Dave Bryan reports.

2016-02-26 11:08 8,440 YouTube

First GOP Debate: Donald Trump, and Other Memorable Moments

Ten Republican presidential candidates went after the issues, and each other, in their kickoff debate.

2015-08-07 07:24 86,925 YouTube

Third GOP Debate: Zingers and Surprising Twists

A breakdown of what happened as the attacks flew between Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and the rest of the Republican candidates.

2015-10-29 06:12 68,874 YouTube

At second GOP debate, targeting Trump and trying to break through

The 2016 Republican presidential candidates gathered for their second debate on Thursday, this time at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

2015-09-17 04:01 9,564 YouTube

GOP debate | FT World

► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: http://bit.ly/FTimeSubsRepublican presidential candidates on Wednesday gathered for their third debate in Bould...

2018-05-24 03:01 1 Dailymotion

GOP Leaders Not Open For Debate on Trump’s War Powers

Republican congressional leaders support President Donald Trump’s decision to strike Syria. But they aren’t ready to put the president’s military strategy...

2018-04-16 00:32 9 Dailymotion

Retiring GOP lawmakers on gun debate

The Florida school shooting is reigniting the gun debate on Capitol Hill. In the wake of other mass shootings, bills to mandate background checks, prevent stalk...

2018-02-16 03:11 33 Dailymotion

Senate votes to begin debate on GOP tax bill

The Senate voted along party lines Wednesday evening to begin debating the GOP tax bill. Colin Wilhelm from Politico joins CBSN, and says senators could vote on...

2017-11-30 04:58 4 Dailymotion