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GOP Debate

Part 1 of the Fox News GOP presidential debate in Detroit

Candidates clash over conservative principles and personal attacks at the #GOPDebate.

2016-03-04 15:33 395,553 YouTube

GOP Debate Cold Open - SNL

Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond), Sen. Ted Cruz (Taran Killam), Dr. Ben Carson (Jay Pharoah), Sen. Marco Rubio (Pete Davidson), Gov. Jeb Bush (Beck ...

2015-12-20 06:35 7,228,503 YouTube

Part 1 of the 9 p.m. Fox News-Google GOP Presidential Debate

Candidates clash over divisions within the Republican Party, strategy to fight terror at the 7th GOP debate in Des Moines, Iowa #GOPDebate.

2016-01-29 22:04 221,271 YouTube

At second GOP debate, targeting Trump and trying to break through

The 2016 Republican presidential candidates gathered for their second debate on Thursday, this time at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

2015-09-17 04:01 15,742 YouTube

GOP Debate: Best One-Liners | MSNBC

Watch Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and the rest of the 2016 GOP candidates trade barbs during Tuesday's Republican ...

2015-12-16 03:57 113,074 YouTube

GOP debate | FT World

► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: http://bit.ly/FTimeSubsRepublican presidential candidates on Wednesday gathered for their third debate in Bould...

2019-01-17 03:01 6 Dailymotion

Democratic, GOP Strategists Debate the Key Races to Watch on Election Night

Nov.02 -- Jeanne Zaino, Applied Techonomics senior adviser and Iona College political science professor, and E. O'Brien Murray, a Republican strategist, discuss...

2018-11-02 05:22 614 Dailymotion

Attacks on Trump continue in GOP debate, Unemployment lowest since 2008

Cruz and Rubio team up against Trump in Thursdayâs Republican debate, a report finds the economy added 242,000 jobs in February, and House of Cards returns wit...

2018-12-10 01:24 4 Dailymotion

11.1 Million People watched Thursday's FOX Business GOP debate

Thursday's sixth GOP debate drew 11.1 million viewers to Fox Business Network, making it the least-watched thus far, according to figures released by the Nielse...

2018-10-25 01:01 1 Dailymotion

Rachel Maddow calls out GOP debate lies & ignorance with examples

Rachel Maddow calls out GOP debate lies & ignorance with examples...

2015-12-17 03:56 21,072 Dailymotion