Nickelodeon Credits Promos (March 2001)

2018-06-05 18 0 3,022 YouTube

This is already up on my dailymotion channel. I am mostly posting this video to show I haven't stopped working on this stuff. I am slowly but surely working on preparing the videos that were out of sync for re upload. I know it's been a million years but I do have a life and uploading this stuff is very time consuming. Ages ago someone asked me if I had any promos for the Amanda Show and this Snick promo is all I got. I don't have any individual promos for the show itself. I also don't have the original premieres of Fairly Oddparents and Invader Zim, the Snick promo you see here is the only one I have for Zim Contains promos for: Pelswick (please don't ask me for any Pelswick stuff. I never watched the show and this is all I got) Snick (Spongebob Squarepants, Amanda Show, Fairly Oddparents, Invader Zim) Nick at Nite (Diff'rent Strokes)