June 2008 Commercials

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-Presented in part by... -Tyson -Ensure -Craftsman -Tums Quik Pak (The Jetsons) -Ocean Spray Light -Olive Garden -McBride: Requiem promo [email protected]@rk Heroes promo -Kraft Tuscan House Italian -Applebee's -S.C. Johnson -Glucerna Cereal -Celebrex -Brand Power: Elations -Dr. Blaine's Tineacide -Presented in part by... -AIG -Macy's ("You're the Top" by Louis Armstrong) -Nasonex -Lipton Green Tea -The Home Depot -Roc -Vonage -Matlock: The Vacation promo -Crossroads: A Story of Forgiveness promo -Crystal Light -Sensodyne Pronamel -Febreze -Easy Off Bam -Geico -Dove -Craftsman (again) -Werther's Original -Long John Silver's -Presented in part by... -Tyson (again) -Walgreens -Another Olive Garden ad -True Value -The Bucket List on Blu-Ray and DVD ("Say" by John Mayer) -Listerine Whitening Strips -Ocean Spray Light (again) -The Good Witch promo -McBride: Requiem promo (again) -Kool-Aid -Pizza Hut -AIG (again) -The Home Depot (again) -Resolve High Traffic Foam -eHarmony -Reclast -Liberty Medical -Presented in part by... -Tyson (yet again) -Craftsman (yet again) -Kashi -Another [email protected]@rk Heroes promo -California Milk Advisory Board -Miralax -Long John Silver's (again) -Crystal Light (again) -Dr. Blaine's Tineacide (again) -National Flood Insurance Program -Yet another [email protected]@rk Heroes promo All copyrights acknowledged.