Glory Days (Synthwave - Retrowave - Electronic Mix)

2018-06-02 1,126 25 43,409 YouTube

These are the glory days. 00:00 Electronic City - 80tribe 03:43 Bramble Blast - J P J 07:51 Glory Days - Color Theory 11:40 Memories - AirlightSWE 15:55 Rider of the Waves - Johnny Ola 19:44 Savoir-Faire - Special Q. 23:08 Speed Boat Theme - ARCIS 26:48 Stages (Bikini & Quixotic Tribute) - NEWYOU 33:11 Wild Ones - FM-84 feat. Ollie Wride 37:36 Fourth Dimension - PHASERLAND feat. Timecop1983 41:38 Hope - Special Q. 44:53 Take Flight - Jordan F 49:23 Tonight - Timecop1983 54:24 Do It Again - Trevor Something 57:49 Fifth of July - Color Theory 1:03:06 Lost Angeles - FM Attack SUPPORT THE ARTISTS! AirlightSWE: https://soundcloud.com/airlightswe ARCIS: https://arcis.bandcamp.com/ Color Theory: http://music.colortheory.com/ FM-84: https://fm84.bandcamp.com/ FM Attack: https://fmattack.bandcamp.com/ Johnny Ola: https://johnnyola87.bandcamp.com/releases Jordan F: https://rossocorsarecords.bandcamp.com/album/oblivion J P J: https://soundcloud.com/jpj5624 NEWYOU: https://soundcloud.com/newyoumusic Ollie Wride: https://soundcloud.com/olliewride PHASERLAND: https://soundcloud.com/phaserlandmusic Special Q: https://soundcloud.com/specialqmusic Timecop1983: https://timecop1983.bandcamp.com/ Trevor Something: https://trevorsomething.bandcamp.com/ 80tribe: https://80tribe.bandcamp.com/ GIF: http://futuretage.tumblr.com/ Like these playlists? Check out my SoundCloud for more! https://soundcloud.com/soulsearchanddestroy DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THESE SONGS. My videos are not monetized. I compile music solely for entertainment purposes. If you see a song of yours and want me to remove it, PLEASE MESSAGE ME DIRECTLY AND I WILL REMOVE YOUR SONG AS REQUESTED.