Hillary's America/ The Infiltrator (2016) Trailer Mashup PARODY - FilmFish

2016-07-13 9 0 2,554 YouTube

We all knew Hillary Clinton was bad, but not this bad! Enjoy FilmFish's mash up of documentary Hillary's America and The Infiltrator, with Bryan Cranston, in this parody trailer. Remember to give us a like and subscribe for more great content! Can’t find anything to watch on movie night? Our goal at FilmFish is to provide users with the most accurate and delightful movie recommendations on the web. Unlike other sites, we base our film recommendations on humanly curated “smart-genres”, not algorithmic engines that use keywords and tags. It’s like having a personal film buff who understands the essence of why you love the movies you do, and knows exactly what you should watch next. Give us a vist at https://www.film-fish.com, sign-up, and start building your queue today! Or give us a like on Facebook, at https://www.facebook.com/gofilmfish/