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[PLEASE READ] Cute, capable, and crafty in Calgary, Canada—that's charismatic Joan Leslie as beautiful ranch foreman and rodeo competitor "Christine 'Honey' Johnson" in NORTHWEST STAMPEDE (1948). "And, truth to tell, she lights up well" in her first starring role in a color Western movie and only her second screen appearance after her principled revolt against and departure from Warner Bros. This is the complete movie—full of charm, beauty, conflict, and spirited action in the great Canadian outdoors. Strapping James Craig plays the restless hero; Jack Oakie and Chill Wills lend their inimitable talents to comedic, but caring supporting roles; an elusive white stallion ("Blizzard") and resourceful German Shepherd mix ("Flame the Wonder Dog") also feature prominently. In my opinion, no other actress in Hollywood history could better project high self-esteem than Miss Joan Leslie. I submit as evidence her performance in this movie--just one eloquent example among many in her career. I upload this video in her honor. Paul Sawtell—one of the great composers/music supervisors for many successful American television series of the 1950s and 1960s [e.g. HAWAIIAN EYE; VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA]—supplied the pretty and evocative original soundtrack for this film. NOTE: I think it is fair to say NORTHWEST STAMPEDE is a "forgotten classic"—in no small part because its distribution has never been associated with a major film or television studio. I consider this YouTube upload one way to redress this movie's unfortunate neglect, hoping that greater visibility online will ultimately lead to public and/or professional demand for its digital restoration (and subsequent distribution). If you are either contemplating or actively involved with such a project, please contact me. NOTE: This is a video upload of goodwill and great admiration. Thoughtful comments and/or questions are welcome. If you are a professional and want credit I've neglected to give OR prefer that I delete this video, please contact me and it will promptly be done. Thank you.